Puhinui Stream runs through our native forest

February 2016: about my blog

Welcome to my blog! I'll be documenting my progress as I undertake a riparian revegetation project here at the Gardens

Kia ora, my name is Jeanette and I have a passion for plants.

I am currently in the second year of my three year apprenticeship at the Auckland Botanic Gardens – during which time I am completing a National Certificate of Horticulture Level 4 – advanced. I’ll update this blog each month, to document and share my experiences as I undertake a revegetation project that forms part of my qualification.

You may already have an interest in horticulture and are looking to learn more about restoring native bush or you might even have a site in mind you would like to regenerate. In this blog, I’ll cover site analysis, planning, site preparation, planting, maintenance and everything in between. I’ll be providing helpful tips for readers, and answering your questions along the way.

So let’s start off with an easy one, who am I?

I have always relished being outdoors in the fresh air with the sun on my face or the rain dripping down my back. From a young age I would help my grandmother in her luscious vegetable garden from which she would give me runner bean seeds to try at home. Not matter where we lived I had something on the grow, whether in the ground or in a pot.

Whilst at school I undertook the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. This had me gallivanting about the Canterbury plains and the highlands of the Southern Alps, taking in all the native plants the South Island could offer. Not content with the limited range of plants in the south I moved up north to explore more and study geography and environmental science at Massey University.

To pay my ways I worked at a market garden over the summers. This is where I realised my passion for plants was no longer a hobby but a career, so I set out to learn more. I was lucky to secure this sought-after apprenticeship here at the Gardens, and am now learning from some of the best horticulturalists the country has to offer.

Check back next month for my first blog entry – where I’ll go over what to do before you start a reveg project.

Signing off for now,

Our apprentice, Jeanette