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Gardeners of the galaxy

1 December 2018 - 10 March 2019

Your space rocket has crash landed on an alien planet – how will you survive? What will you eat and how will you breathe? Life on an alien planet is tenuous, and the answer to surviving in this harsh environment is plants. 

Plants are life!

Join us for family fun at Gardeners of the galaxy this summer and find out how plants are essential for life in space. Take one small step into life as an astronaut as you discover the tools needed for survival on an alien planet. 

Solar system


🚀 Start your space mission at our Visitor Centre - pick up a Mission Sheet for kids, visit our crash-landed rocket and take an astronaut selfie!

🌱 Check out the experiments and live plants being grown in the Science Lab.

🚀 Play fun games in our kids International Space Station and get creative with our Future Plants colouring wall.

🌱 Head outside to try MOTAT rocket power activities and take our Solar System Walk.

🚀 Join us for free special events and activities including star-gazing in the Gardens, solar-gazing and more! Keep an eye on our website or Facebook to find out what's on (please note some events have limited spaces and will require advance booking).

🌱 Get extra fun facts and videos on your space mission using the STQRY app on your phone - see below for links to download the STQRY app.

Brought to you by the Auckland Botanic Gardens and Auckland Council in association with Stardome Observatory & Planetarium, MOTAT, Hyalite and the Auckland Astronomical Society. 


Learn as you go - download the STQRY app to enjoy fun stories and videos for Gardeners of the galaxy:

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Google play store: click this link to download the STQRY app on your Android device.

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Apple iTunes: click this link to download the STQRY app for your iPhone.


Explore more fun space apps on your smartphone/tablet:

Check out these amazing NASA apps for fun virtual reality views of spacecrafts, and an opportunity to explore the International Space Station:

  • Escape to Mars

You’ve crash landed on Mars but the door is locked! Use this Augmented Reality app to fix the problem and get out. 


Google Play:

  • Spacecraft 3D


Use Augmented Reality on your phone or tablet to discover many of the amazing NASA spacecraft in 3D. You can download this app and use the ‘target’ images on the blue barrels in the Visitor Centre (in the International Space Station section), or download and print the targets at home and see everything in your own time.


Google Play:

  • SSI: Plants app


Get into the action at the International Space Station, your job is to grow food plants! This interactive game guides you through all the things you need to grow plants in space. Your goal: grow some tasty lettuce. You get to float around the Space Station while playing the game. You can play this game at the Visitor Centre, look for the Space Station console. Or download it here and play it when you’re ready:


Google Play:


Other NASA apps


Here are some more amazing app developed by NASA, they are all free to donwload.