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Terms and conditions

Auckland Botanic Gardens - facility hire codes and conditions

Auckland Botanic Gardens - facility hire codes and conditions

To ensure the enjoyment of facilities by users and protection of the garden sites we ask that specific terms and conditions of use are respected.

For larger events where wider use of the gardens is requested an event application will need to be completed and terms and conditions agreed pending user requirements. The application can be requested through the Visitor Services team at the Huakaiwaka visitor centre.

General financial codes and conditions

It is your responsibility to check your booking details are correct. Please ensure that you have checked your receipt and advised the parks team of any discrepancies within 14 working days of making your booking. Any discrepancies that are realised outside of this period are to be deemed unalterable.

Please ensure you have read all the conditions below before making a booking.  

You can download a copy of our Terms and Conditions here.

Financial conditions

Booking changes

  • Changes can be made up to the day before hire of a facility.
  • No charges are made for the first changes to the booking, administration costs of 20% will however be incurred for all subsequent changes.


  • The hirer/permit holder shall reimburse the Auckland Council (AC) the full costs to remedy, restore or replace anything resulting from omission or act of wilful damage or negligence to abide by the terms and conditions of hire or permit by the hirer/permit holder, any person in the group or visiting persons. 


  • Hire outside of normal working hours will incur staff, cleaning, catering and security fees where applicable.

Unsupervised persons under the age of 18 years

  • Persons aged between 16years and 18years must have prior written consent from their legal guardian to be granted use of the building or designated site.
  • Persons 15years and under cannot be granted a site permit and must be appropriately supervised on the designated site.


  • Any bonds taken will be refunded within 7 days of the activity occurring as long as all the terms and conditions have been met. 


  • Auckland Botanic Gardens must receive written notice of any booking cancellation.
  • See refund conditions for full details of refund eligibility.
  • All cancellations incur a 20% administration fee based on the full reservation.
  • This will be retained from the refund or credit balance.

Refunds (will only be issued under the following conditions)

  • Notice of cancellation has been given and a written refund request received by the AC Contact Centre or Botanic Gardens 2 weeks before the reservation date occurs.
  • An administration fee of 20% based on the full reservation or part/s value will be retained from the refund.
  • The AC reserves the right to retain all or part of the refund to offset outstanding balances on that Household.
  • In the case of a site being closed due to unforeseen circumstances by the AC a full refund will be issued.
General conditions


  • No external caterers are permitted to operate at the Gardens.  Cafe Miko will be happy to cater for your function, phone (09) 269 3407.


  • Please keep vehicles in authorised areas or as instructed by garden staff.


  • Please ensure your activities do not disturb other Garden users.
  • Generators and machinery are prohibited unless allowed by prior approval.


  • Conspicuous and excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited, otherwise you may be asked to leave the Gardens and or have your permit terminated.
  • If you have a group or function you must have appropriate consent from the Auckland Council (AC) to comply with the alcohol act (refer to AC website).


  • The buildings and surrounding facilities must be kept clean and tidy during your use and left clean on your departure.
  • Please recycle bottles, cans and plastic in containers provided and take any excess rubbish home.


  • All open fires are prohibited.
  • No BBQs are allowed unless provided and managed by Cafe Miko catering.


  • All animals and pets are prohibited in the buildings unless a registered aid dog.

Health & safety

  • Health & safety is the responsibility of the venue hirer. All staff, volunteers or attendees must be advised of any health & safety risks. Auckland Council will not be held accountable of any injury that occurs due to misuse or unsafe practice by the person hiring the facility or attendees.


  • To keep the gardens tidy please do not throw confetti, rice, petals or other materials.
  • We encourage the use of bubbles.

Use of candles at functions

  • Use of table candles at functions must be discussed with staff to ensure all practicable steps have been taken to reduce risk of fire.

Equipment hires

  • Any equipment or furniture hired for a function must be removed within the venue hire times.


  • Auckland Council is not responsible for loss or damage to any of the customer’s property or property the customer has hired for use at this facility


  • No drones are allowed within the garden for wedding photography due to privacy of other garden users and under the bylaws for drone management.
Additional conditions dependant on area hired

BG Logan Campbell & Friends Building Codes and Conditions

  • 45 person capacity of buildings is to be adhered to (any larger contravenes safety regulations)
  • Only removable fixings that leave no marks can be used for displaying poster materials. These must be removed prior to leaving the facility.

BG Atrium Codes and Conditions

  • No materials can be fixed to the walls.
  • Main plant displays change periodically and cannot be removed.
  • Any authorised movement of displays is to be done by gardens staff and will be charged.

Set up and break down:

  • Set up cannot begin until after closing.
  • The atrium must be left clean and tidy at the end of the function ready for public use the following day.

BG Courtyards Codes and Conditions (decommissioned until further notice)

  • Building capacity must be adhered to (150 sitting or 200 persons standing).


  • No smoking inside the courtyards.


  • Courtyards will be unlocked and locked by Botanic Gardens staff.
  • No plant pots or hanging baskets are to be moved by the staff the person hiring the facility for a function.
  • The courtyard is to be left clean and tidy, all furniture must be left in the place they were found.

Hanging basket watering system:

  • Baskets are watered using an automated system. If hiring the facility over 2-3 days please be aware of this and consider site set up and displays to ensure no water damage occurs.
Conditions for weddings


  • There is no power to the wedding sites.
  • Battery operated stereos and live music is permitted and we ask that you keep in mind the Gardens are a public place for people to enjoy.


  • Hirer is not to exceed maximum capacity numbers for the wedding site.


  • Seating is not provided at the Gardens.
  • If you wish to bring furniture please advise staff in the visitor centre.
  • Please remember that set up and tidy must be carried out within the two hour booking period.


  • No wedding vehicles are allowed to drive within the Gardens.
  • The Wiri Rambler is a service that can be booked should transport be required.
  • Hire of the mobility scooters or wheelchairs is also available.


  • No drones are allowed within the garden for wedding photography due to privacy of other garden users and under the bylaws for drone management.

Construction work notice

There is a lot of construction work to improve visitor movement around the site during 2018-19. Hence any booking is done so with the knowledge that there may be machinery noise on site and fencing to secure work areas.

Download a copy of our Terms and Conditions.