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Best uses

Great for incorporating into native plantings with other ferns in sun or shade. Can enhance subtropical plantings and be planted in containers in shady spots in the garden. Commonly grown as an indoor plant.

Physical characteristics

An evergreen clump-forming fern growing to around 0.5m tall and 0.75m wide.

Flowers and foliage

Leaves are made up of many small delicate bright green leaflets held on wiry black stems.

Preferred site

Great for use in a wide range of different conditions. Best planted in rich well-drained but damp soil in partial shade, but will also tolerate dry, exposed sites in full sun so very versatile.

Maintenance tips

Apply mulch annually as this will help suppress weeds and conserve moisture. Feed annually in spring with a balanced fertiliser such as blood and bone at a handful per square metre in spring as new growth begins. Watering is usually necessary during dry summer months to keep the roots moist. Keep plants tidy by removing any old and tatty fronds.

Pests and diseases

Usually trouble-free.

Companion and combination plants

Other ferns and perennials that love shaded moist situations. However with this fern being very adaptable that range will vary.

Location at Auckland Botanic Gardens

Native Identification trail

Interesting facts and tips

Can tolerate a range of growing conditions!