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Plant type Perennials, Bulbs
Plant Uses Container Plant, Border

Best uses

Great for containers and planters, hanging baskets, as well as at the front of borders.

Physical characteristics

A perennial, tuberous begonia growing to around 0.3m tall and 0.2m wide. Protect from frost.

Flowers and foliage

Flowers from late spring through summer to autumn. Large double flowers are produced in a range of colours.

Preferred site

Prefers full sun to partial shade with well-drained but moist soil.

Maintenance tips

Easy to maintain. Remove spent flowers regularly to promote new buds. Feed with liquid fertiliser fortnightly through the growing season to promote flowering and healthy growth. Once flowering has finished, tubers can be taken out, dried off and placed into a cool, dry, frost-free place, or left to dry out in its container over winter. The following spring the tuber can be repotted and watered ready to spring back to life.

Pests and diseases

Rot can be a problem if tubers become too wet. In wet and humid conditions foliage can get botrytis.

Location at Auckland Botanic Gardens


Interesting facts and tips

If the small buds at either side of the main flower are removed before they get too large, then this will result in the main flower becoming larger and will be double. The smaller side buds are usually single.