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Best uses

Great dense, mat-forming, ground cover plant for covering and growing over walls, rockeries and general ground cover use. It smothers weeds and is great for use on poor, chalky soils and will tolerate drought and salt spray. It also tolerates foot traffic making it great for planting between pavers. It would also look good in container plantings too.

Physical characteristics

A low growing, evergreen perennial, ground cover growing to 0.05m tall and 0.5m wide.

Flowers and foliage

Bright yellow daisy-like flowers are produced through summer. Leaves are 3cm long and narrow. Green above and grey on the underside.

Preferred site

Prefers full sun with well-drained soil. It will, however, tolerate open, exposed sites on poor soil with salt spray and drought conditions.

Preparation for planting

With suitable preparation and care, perennials will grow and flower well year after year. They benefit from a weed-free well-drained soil rich in organic material. Always choose healthy, well-grown plants and plant after autumn rains. Before planting ensure the root ball is saturated and remove the planter bag or pot with minimal root disturbance. Trim any broken roots and plant at the same level as in the container. Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root ball and firm in, water once planted. Make sure plants are watered well until established if planting in a drier period. Plant with some general slow-release fertiliser and then every spring apply an organic-based fertiliser such as blood and bone at a handful per square metre as new growth begins.

Maintenance tips

Dymondia needs little annual maintenance. To make new plants carefully remove side growth from the main plant and either pot up or replant directly into its new position. Water regularly to get plants established as this will ensure the growth of plenty of lush, healthy growth and will help the plant be resilient to drought conditions.

Pests and diseases

Generally trouble free.

Location at Auckland Botanic Gardens