Kauri dieback talk

Celebrating Conservation Week

Kauri dieback talk

Join us for a talk by our curator Bec Stanley who has been involved in kauri dieback management for a decade.  Most recently the Auckland Botanic Gardens have been testing whether beneficial soil bacteria and fungi can help keep kauri healthy, with some encouraging results which Bec will share.

Kauri dieback is a fatal disease of kauri caused by a microscopic water mould that lives in soil.  Some say it might be the most catastrophic biosecurity threat to NZ in recent times.  It has already killed thousands of kauri from small seedlings and young saplings, through to forest giants.  There is no known cure but there are some promising treatments being tested in forests and a several things we can do, as forest users, to slow its spread.

This talk forms part of Conservation Week 2018 and will be held in our library.

22 September 2018

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