Leaf - stippling art by Jenny Haslimeier

Stippling art for adults 28 Jan

with Jenny Haslimeier

Stippling art for adults 28 Jan

Pen and ink is primarily associated with scientific illustration due to its ease for reproductions in books and scientific journals and is a valuable tool for botanical artists.

This workshop for adults focuses on the stippling technique, teaching the basics for getting started with this technique and showing you how to create depth, tone and texture all with simply dots and a few lines!

This is a beautiful technique that can easily be adapted for non botanical subjects as well.

Ink pens and paper will be provided but please bring along your pencils, erasers and any plants or photographs you wish you draw from on the day.

Book in advance for this workshop, contact for the visitor centre for details.

28 January 2016
10am - 1pm

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