Bing Dawe's sculpture 'Titipounamu - A Necklace With Lost Gems'

Sunday at the Gardens 31 Jan

Celebrate summer with us

Sunday at the Gardens 31 Jan

Enjoy live music and guided walks every Sunday.

11.30am – 2.30pm Live music: Starlight Quartet

1pm Artist-guided walk: Jim Wheeler

Enjoy classical/ easy listening ensembles from the Starlight Quartet - Huakaiwaka visitor centre.

 Join us on a guided walk to see highlights of the sculpture trail with Jim Wheeler. Jim is a renowned medal and large-scale artist. Having studied both art and biology at university, Jim describes himself as an amateur botanist.  Jim’s piece ‘Object of Devotion’ adorns the wall of the visitor centre as part of our permanent collection. Meet at Huakaiwaka visitor centre. 

31 January 2016
All day

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