Brenda Hart - jewellery exhibition

Friends of the Gardens Artist in Residence 2019

Brenda Hart - jewellery exhibition

Auckland jeweller Brenda Hart is the 2019 Friends of the Gardens artist in residence. She has a long fascination with the botanical world and has used plants as inspiration for many of her designs, drawn to the shapes and forms of flowers, leaves and trees.

Visit the exhibition in the gallery of our Huakaiwaka visitor centre to see her work. Take time to enjoy a walk around the Gardens where you will find most of the plants that gave Brenda her inspiration.

The exhibition is FREE and runs through to October 2019.

Check back in to see the days Brenda will be on site working and available to speak to public. Dates will also be posted on our Facebook page 

from Saturday
22 Jun 2019
to Sunday
20 Oct 2019

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