Symbiosis & Forest has the Blues

Symbiosis & Forest has the Blues


A group art exhibition looking at the relationships between plants, trees and other organisms The artists in this exhibition have explored this idea by looking at these interactions

Forest has the Blues

An ecological project that focuses on the fragility and significance of our native forest remnants The threats these remnants face are many, from the constant incursions of development and land use change pushing their boundaries ever inwards, the proliferation of invasive weeds along their margins that can smother regrowth and limit regeneration, and the devastating effects of plant pathogens  

The Forest has the Blues installation has been a collaborative project from the outset, with the artists Celia Walker, Toni Hartill, Elle Anderson, Esther Hansen, Nicola Ov, Kheang Ov and Ina Arraouri With help by students from Pukekohe High School, under the guidance of their art teacher Esther Hansen

from Saturday
4 Aug 2018
to Sunday
9 Sep 2018

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