2023 photo competition winners announced

Capturing the mood of the Gardens

The winners of the 2023 Friends of the Botanic Gardens photo competition have been announced.

The competition was to find the best photos that 'capture the mood of the gardens' and were judged by photographer Doug Scott.

Over- 18 winners:

1st Prize and Overall winner - Corrine Kiernan

2nd prize - Pamela Suen

3rd prize - Janice Thomson


Youth Category winners:

1st Prize - Amber Whoolery

Second prize - Mercedes Basevi

Third prize - Madysin Brown


People’s Choice Awards

Youth – Isabelle Dmello

Adult – Alan Stokes

Winning images

Over-18 category


1 Kiernan Corrine Summer Garden

Corrine Kiernan's winning photo 'Summer garden'.

What the judge said: From a non-scientific point of view this ‘me time’ image exhibits all that is best in the gardens and is a very competent gentle image.


1 Pamela Suen Ginkgo Tree At Fall

2nd prize is Pamela Suen's image of a family walking beneath a gingko tree in our Urban Trees Garden.

What the judge said: This band of intrepid explorers is putting the public use of the gardens to good purpose. 


1 Thomson Janice Spring Garden

3rd prize went to Janice Thomson for an image of spring festivities in our cherry blossom orchard.

What the judge said: I enjoyed the humor of this picture showing the ‘rare people-flowers’ beneath the trees. Overall, a nice composition. 


Youth Category


2 Woolery Amber Aummergarden

First prize is Amber Whoolery's image of our tōtara grove.

What the judge said: The strong top and side lighting provides a lovely feeling of shape and texture to the sentinels standing in formal rows in the garden. 


1 .Basevi Mercedes The Circle Of Life

2nd prize is Mercedes Basevi's image of a family in our Camellia Garden.

What the judge said: Very eye-catching composition and a lovely interplay between the man-made structure, the people, and the gardens.


2.Brown Madisyn Rose Garden

3rd prize is Madysin Brown's image of something going on in the Rose Garden.

What the judge said: An ‘arresting image’ where all the people are looking at something that the viewer is not privy to. Good use of foreground, middle ground, and background to create a feeling of depth in the image. 

Public Choice

2 Stokes Alan Autumn Fall

Alan Stokes won the popular vote in the over-18 catgeory for his image 'Autumn Fall'


2 Isabelle Dmello Lone Adventurer

Isabelle Dmello won the popular vote in the under-18 catgeory with this charming image called 'Lone Adventurer'.