Conifer Collection revamp

New trees and understory planting

Our Conifer Collection is undergoing a revamp to align with our mission of showcasing plants suitable for the Auckland climate. The revamp is being coordinated by Horticultural Apprentice Meg Spittal.

She says the first step is to remove a handful of trees that are either reaching the end of their life, are no longer a fit for the changing climate, or pose health and safety risks. Many of these trees were planted in the 1980s and while initially resilient are mismatched to the shifting climate patterns.

By removing aging or unsuitable trees, space will be made for smaller garden varieties of conifers and complementary plants that provide seasonal colour and interest. The addition of Acer, Viburnum, and Berberis species will introduce more vibrant colours and flowers for visitors to enjoy.

This revamp is a continuation of the efforts over the past few years, during which several trees have already been removed as part of the natural progression of maintaining the garden. Despite the changes, the Conifer Collection will continue to feature evergreen trees, typically associated with colder climates but well-suited to Auckland, including Cedrus, Abies, Picea, and Juniperus (cedars, fir, spruce, and junipers).

By updating the Conifer Collection, the Auckland Botanic Gardens aim to ensure that their displays remain vibrant, diverse, and adaptable to the changing climate, continuing to educate and inspire visitors.

Tree Felling Conifer Garden

Trees being removed from the collection on May 22.