Picture story: Harakeke cleaning day 2021

Taking care of the Pā Harakeke

On Tuesday 22 June almost 30 volunteers took part in the annual Pā Harakeke cleaning day.

Every year the harakeke are cut back to keep the plants healthy and productive. Many of the volunteers are weavers who use the collection as a source of material for their work.

LadyJane Moka.JPG

LadyJane Moka inspecting a plant before cutting it back.

cleaned harakake.JPG

The harakeke is cut back to its core grouping of the awhi rito (parents) protecting the the rito (child). This keeps the core of the plant healthy and lets airflow around the leaves to reduce the risk of disease.

Angela and Hannah.JPG

Pā Harakeke curator Angela Anstis talks with volunteer and weaver Hannah Gurnick.

Cleaning equipment.JPG

Some of the tools of the trade.

cutting the harakeke.JPG

Cutting the harakeke.

Harakeke harvested.JPG

The cut harakeke is bundled ready to be taken away for weaving.

Barbara Brodien.JPG

Volunteer Barbara Brodien bundling harakeke leaves.

Cleaned harakeke.JPG

Cleaned harakeke at the end of the day's work.