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Activities for home

Fun, easy nature activities for kids

Fun and easy nature-based activities you can do at home or on your next local walk.

Nature treasure hunt:

Create your own treasure box to take on your next local walk or to do in your back garden.
Click here for the Nature treasure hunt activity.

Nature treasure hunt egg box image


Wonderful worms

 Learn how to make your own mini worm farm, and download a fun worm activity sheet for your back garden.

Click here to access the Wonderful Worms activity.

Mini worm farm 5

Fun with natural dyes

Gather materials from your garden and kitchen and create your own natural dyes for decorating Easter eggs. When you're done, make some fun Easter cards, festooned with leaves and flowers. 

Click here to access this fun Easter EGGSperiment

Natural dyed eggs


Autumnal art

Autumn is a lovely time of year to create some Autumnal Art - collect leaves to create animals, a crown, a self portrait and other artwork. Make a leaf collecting frame and explore your local neighbourhood using a Leaf Investigation Sheet.

Click here to access the Autumnal art activities, and watch the video below for some inspiration!


Leaf investigation card 2

Terrific trees

Download a set of fun activities to learn about trees. 

Print a challenge sheet to explore the trees in your local area, learn how to make cabbage tree rope, make your own 3D tree and limber up for some tree yoga poses. 

Tree yoga jpeg

Backyard birds 

Click here to access the fun backyard birds challenges.

Make your own binoculars, learn to identify birds, start a feather collection and more!

Backyard birds activity sheet

Looking for more fun activities? Check out Fabulous Flowers activity sheet here.