Wonderful worms

Did you know there are nearly 200 different kinds of earthworms in New Zealand?

The biggest of all is a giant worm that lives in the forests of Northland - it measures nearly 1.5m long!

In this Wonderful Worms activity, learn how to set up your own mini worm farm:

Click here to download the instructions for setting up a simple worm farm with items you can easily find at home

- check out the images below to help you with your setup

- download the Wonderful Worms activity sheet and have fun! Post your photos on our Facebook page.

Here are some pictures to help and inspire you!

1. Simply gather these materials to start

2. These are the types of foods you can put in your mini worm farm 

Mini worm farm 4

3. Here's what yours could look like

Mini worm farm 2


4. Download a Wonderful Worms activity sheet

wonderful worms activity sheet


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