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With 64 hectares and over 10,000 plants to discover, it can be hard to know where to start!

Visit Huakaiwaka visitor centre, where our staff can tell you what’s in bloom and what’s new. You can also pick up a garden map or a trail guide before you head out into the Gardens.

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Map of the botanic gardens
African Plants Garden
×African Plants Garden

A winter delight

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Camellia Garden
×Camellia Garden

Largest collection of camellias in New Zealand

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Conifer Garden
×Conifer Garden

Evergreen trees from the northern hemisphere

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Edible Garden
×Edible Garden

Growing food in your kiwi backyard

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Gondwana Arboretum
×Gondwana Arboretum

Magnificent ancient trees

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Harakeke Collection
×Harakeke Collection

Significant collection of harakeke

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Herb Garden
×Herb Garden

Add seasonal flavours to your kitchen garden

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Magnolia Garden
×Magnolia Garden

Abundant blooms and contrasting foliage

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Native Forest
×Native Forest

See nature at its best

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Native Plant Ideas
×Native Plant Ideas

Inspiration for any native themed garden

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Native Plant ID Trail
×Native Plant ID Trail

Learn your native plants

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Select a fruit tree for your backyard

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Palm Garden
×Palm Garden

Subtropical oasis

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Perennials Garden
×Perennials Garden

A wealth of beautiful perennials

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Podocarp Valley
×Podocarp Valley

Ancient podocarps with unique stories

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Potter Children's Garden
×Potter Children's Garden

Popular with kids of all ages

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Rock Garden
×Rock Garden

Hidden gems among the rocks

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Rose Garden
×Rose Garden

Roses to suit all tastes

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Tolerant to dry conditions

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Spring Blossom Valley
×Spring Blossom Valley

Spring has sprung

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Threatened Native Plants
×Threatened Native Plants

Threatened or uncommon plants of Auckland

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Trial Garden
×Trial Garden

Research on the best plants for Auckland

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Urban Trees
×Urban Trees

Perfect tree for your garden size

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Unitec Building
×Unitec Building

Our teaching team are based here

Visitor Centre
×Visitor Centre

Huakaiwaka - the gateway to the gardens

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Logan Campbell Building
×Logan Campbell Building

A great meeting space in a lovely garden setting

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Two adjacent courtyards decorated with seasonal hanging baskets


The Friends Library has one of the largest collections of horticultural titles in NZ

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Friends Building
×Friends Building

For hire. Sunny, open plan venue with a deck

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