Spring growth adorns the trees in front of the curved, red-painted pergola of the Womens suffrage garden

Tips for visiting

A few tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable visit

You may notice that we’re not as strict as many traditional botanic gardens...

In fact, we encourage jogging, dog walking, exploring barefoot and picnicking! However, we do have a few simple rules to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit.

Bikes, scooters, skates and skateboards

Bikes, scooters, skates and skateboards are not permitted within the Gardens.

There are plenty of public parks nearby that are perfect for bike-riding, as well as designated skate parks. Our staff at Huakaiwaka visitor centre can give advice on suitable parks for these activities.


Dogs are permitted within the Gardens, providing they are under control and on a leash.

There is an off-leash area at the northern end of the Gardens, where dogs are permitted off their leads, however they must be under control and not cause distress to other Garden users.

All dog litter must be collected and disposed of appropriately. Only service dogs are permitted within Huakaiwaka, Library and Cafe Miko or other public buildings.

Flowers, foliage and care of garden beds

Collection of plant material is not permitted unless prior permission is granted by the Gardens staff. Please contact the Huakaiwaka visitor centre and talk to a staff member prior to your visit, phone 09 267 1457. Keep to the paths and lawn areas when enjoying the gardens to reduce damage to garden bed areas.


No vehicles can be allowed to drive within the Gardens however there are mobility scooters and wheelchairs available at the visitor centre free of charge – bookings are recommended. 

Find out more about accessibility at the Gardens

Drone use

Auckland Botanic Gardens are not part of the general parks drone use conditions (UAV code of conduct). Due to our flight zone position and proximity to housing and high visitor numbers we fall outside of the general civil aviation authority rules for general use. Due to the number of functions held here we do not allow drone use for those or casual drone use because it would impact greatly on visitors’ privacy and we are unable to fully monitor the use of the drones to ensure visitor privacy is maintained.

For more information on drone use across council sites please refer to the Auckland Council website - Rules and guidelines for flying UAVs and drones

Auckland Council Bylaws

All visitors and activities within the Gardens are subject to and must comply with Auckland Council's bylaws. Breaches of the regulations may incur a fine. 

Note the Auckland Botanic Gardens do not allow use of barbecues on site, unless a permit has been granted for an event.