Worms in soil

Worm farming

Get worms working for you!

A worm farm is a self-contained composting system that produces both a humus-rich material that can be incorporated into the soil and liquid fertiliser (worm tea) that you can spray on leaves or apply to roots. Worm farms can be purchased or made out of upcycled materials such as old bathtubs or wooden boxes. It is a clean, easy and fun way of recycling waste from the kitchen while producing wonderful compost and liquid fertiliser.

Worm tea and compost is rich in microorganisms, such as beneficial bacteria and fungi, which encourage soil health and fertility. These organisms feed on organic matter and each other, excreting plant nutrients that are available for root uptake. Apply worm compost to the soil before planting new seedlings and worm tea once per week around plant roots and foliage.