Growing Friends plant sales

Sourcing plants

We recommend planning your garden by checking with the Auckland Botanic Gardens or simply observing what grows well nearby. Here is advice on how to source the plants you have on your wish list. 

You can both buy plants and produce your own by sowing seed, taking cuttings or dividing existing plants up.

The science - Plant Propagation

There are two main methods of plant propagation:

1) Sexual propagation. E.g. from seeds. This type of propagation results in a variety of offspring, meaning they will not always be true to the parent plants.

2) Asexual or vegetative propagation. E.g. cuttings from the vegetative parts of the parent plant. The new plants will be identical to the parent plants, as they will have the same genetics. Types of vegetative propagation include division, leaf cuttings, stem cuttings, root cuttings, layering and grafting.