Planting trees

Trees are wonderful assets when carefully selected and placed. On the other hand, inappropriate trees in inappropriate places can become expensive liabilities.

Choosing and planting a tree

  • Make sure you think about how large the tree will become when mature, and how far and fast the roots will spread. Allow a reasonable distance between your tree and any buildings, fences, paths and services.
  • When selecting trees, the size and shape of the tree are most important. Also consider the tree's flowers, fruit, leaf colour, seasonal appearance, suitability for birds, shelter and shade. Visit our 'Plants for Auckland' database for trees that grow well in Auckland.
  • Plant away from fence lines and view shafts.
  • Consider the future impact on your neighbours and do not shade them out.
  • Prepare soil when not too wet (e.g. late summer for autumn planting). When planting on clay soils, add compost and/or topsoil to raise the planting site.
  • Before planting, apply a dressing of general fertiliser and work into the soil.
  • Plant after first autumn rains. Dig a hole about twice the width of the root ball and the same depth.
  • When removing planter bags or other containers, try to minimise root disturbance.  It is sometimes best to slice the side of the planter bag or pot with a sharp knife so the container can be eased away.
  • Trim any broken roots.
  • Plant the tree at the same depth as it was in the planter bag/container, and then press in well with your boot.
  • Stake the specimen tree if required.